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Expert Drain Cleaning Services

General Rooter drain technicians are nearby and will unclog and clean out drains throughout the home.

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Call us if you notice slower-than-usual draining or if the drain is plugged

We promise to quickly remove the clogs from your drains to restore flow and help you get your home life back to normal. 

But What if you have Symptoms of a Clogged Sewer Line?

Yes, we can handle that as well. Our service vans are armed with state-of-the-art, professional equipment to tackle any sewer or drain blockage in your home.

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Tree Roots are a Common Problem

If your home is susceptible to tree root growth within your main sewer line, technicians have drain cleaning cables with various cutter heads and a Hydro Jetter to clear and clean the sewer pipe to reduce the frequency of clogging in the future.

We can also do a video camera inspection of the entire main line to determine the cause of the slowness or blockage, and if there is something more serious like a broken pipe, we may be able to repair the pipe without digging up your lawn.

About General Rooter

General Rooter of Southern MN - Sewer & Drain Cleaning is a locally owned and operated sewer and drain cleaning company. We provide sewer services in Mankato, Albert Lea, Fairmont, Le Sueur, Northfield, Sleepy Eye, and all places in between.

We are professionalsOur vehicles are marked, and technicians have company shirts and business cards. When you schedule an appointment, we'll send you a confirmation email with a link to our client hub that provides details of your current and past appointments. Our technicians will send a text notification to tell you when they are en route to your home.

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