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Hydro Jetting Sewer Lines

Hydro Jetting for Homes, Businesses, FactoriesHydro Jetting for Homes, Businesses, Factories
Hydro jetting and Mini jetting are essentially the same things. The difference lies in the size of the equipment to be used. Drain lines 2” in diameter or less can be mini jetted. Sewer lines 3” or greater in diameter should be hydro jetted. Hydro jetting works exactly the same way as Mini jetting; State-of-the-art pumps and flexible heavy-duty hoses mounted with special nozzles propel ordinary water under very high pressure into the sewer line. To Hydro jet or Mini jet, we need to connect to a water source. The Hydro Jetter has a 300-gallon water tank and needs an outside spigot. The Mini Jetter can be connected to a faucet or laundry machine supply hose.

For both homeowners and commercial business owners, there are many benefits to hydro jetting. It effectively:

Hydro jetting is especially effective for homes with large tree roots in their sewage lines, restaurants that can accumulate a lot of grease, and commercial buildings with high volumes of sewage. If your drains are 2” or smaller in diameter, they’ll require Mini jetting. Either way, the high pressure of the water could damage your sewer lines and should only be performed by a professional.

While there are many benefits to hydro jetting your sewer lines, it will not fix displaced or collapsed pipes. In this case, you’ll need to have your sewer lines repaired by a professional.

Did You Know: Setting up scheduled hydro jetting maintenance for your commercial business will help to prevent sewer backups that can turn into costly repairs and expensive downtime down the road.

Grease buildup in a restaurant sewer requiring jettingGrease buildup in a restaurant sewer requiring jetting

Severe blockages in commercial lines can be caused by grease, sludge, or other build-ups. Conventional techniques, such as drain snakes or cabling, will clear a blockage but can’t clean the pipe or flush it out to clear debris. Jetting is the only method proven to clean 100% of the sewer line. Even the toughest blockages and build-ups can’t stand up to hydro jetting.

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