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Offering Sewer Inspections for your Home Buying Clients

As a realtor, your client’s trust is everything! At General Rooter LLC Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services, we understand that. We also understand finding professional, reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable partners isn’t always easy to find. Well, Look no further for your next Sewer Inspection partner!

We are a veteran family locally owned and operated Sewer & Drain cleaning company with over 37 years of expertise in sewer inspections. We work with Realtors and Home Inspectors interchangeably for sewer inspections of various property types, both residential and commercial. We are a small business just like you, and so all we have is our reputation in which we take pride in each and every service call. We want to help make you look good to your clients, and that’s what we call a Partnership!

Partnership with Integrity

Partnering with Realtors to assist clients in one of the most expensive investments of their life is what we do. We help educate not only your clients but also you as a partner so that all involved in the home buying process can make an educated decision. Making sure you and your client have a clear understanding of the findings is important and so we take time to help you with that.

Providing a thorough assessment of our findings during the inspections is our standard practice. In addition, during this service, when time allows, we will also help educate your client on the sewer and drain system of the home they are considering for purchase. First-time home buyers love this and usually thank us for the education and tour of the home!

Detailed Reports & Videos

Providing details is important, especially when a problem is detected during the camera sewer inspection process. We aren’t going to provide you and your clients with a few bullet points – that’s not thorough information, in our opinion. You can expect an immediate verbal summary of the findings while still onsite with one of our inspectors. Next, you will receive a typed written summary the same or the next day along with a video link of the inspection via email or text so that you may forward that to anyone else necessary during the buying and negotiating process.

Inflow and Infiltration Inspections

If groundwater seeps through openings into a home's or business's sewer line, it unnecessarily strains the city's sanitary treatment facilities. Some cities sometimes require inflow/infiltration or I&I inspections before a home can be sold.  

Examples of Minnesota cities that require sellers to have an inflow/infiltration inspection to check for excess flow of clear water into the city’s sewer system include:

If an inspection finds any leaks, the city will require that the problem pipe is replaced or relined.  We are authorized to do I&I inspections.


We use up-to-date fiber optic camera inspection equipment for our inspections. Our vehicles are clearly marked and easy to identify, and our inspectors wear company shirts. We are professionals.

General Rooter LLC is ready to be your Sewer Inspection partner. Give us a call today at 763-634-2564 for the Minneapolis & St. Paul Metro area or for Southern Minnesota, call General Rooter of Southern MN at 507-550-2564.