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Bath Tub Drain Tips

Residue from soaps, shampoo, and shaving cream can clog your bathtub drain. For a slow-draining bathtub, try the following steps:

Step one: Take out the drain stopper. Hair and soap will build up underneath the stopper. Most are typically held in place with a screw, so be aware that you may need a screwdriver to accomplish this step. Some bathtubs are equipped with a drain stopper you can easily remove by twisting and lifting it out of the drain.

Step two: Remove buildup. Remove all the buildup on the stopper and scrub the parts clean.

Step three: Run water down the bathtub drain. Now things should drain smoothly.

If the bathtub still isn't draining as it should, give us a call, One of our General Rooter technicians will clear your clogged bathtub drain.

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