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Bath Room Sink Drain

The bathroom sink is the one drain in your home that is most prone to clogging. Soap, toothpaste, shaving cream, hair, and many other things are going down the drain daily. Removing the stopper weekly and clearing it of hair and buildup is a good habit to get into. All drains have a P-trap that holds water so that sewer gases don't come into your home. The bathroom sink is one of those that you should check and clear out once a month.

Removing the stopper. Underneath the sink, you will find the rod that connects to the stopper. The rod is held in by a locking nut to the drain. Unscrew this locking nut and pull the rod back slightly. Now you can pull the stopper out of the sink.

Clean the stopper. Remove any hair, soap, or other debris from the stopper. 

Check drain. Look down the drain and clear any debris you see before replacing the stopper.

Replacing stopper. Place the stopper back into the drain. Push the rod back into place and tighten the locking nut. Do not over-tighten the locking nut, or it will make it difficult to pull the stopper handle.

Removing the P-Trap.  To remove the bathroom sink P-trap, you will need a small bucket and Channellock pliers. Place the bucket under the P-trap to catch the water when you remove the trap. Loosen both nuts on the trap. Now unscrew the lower nut all the way. Now unscrew the upper nut all the way and remove the trap. Clear the trap of any debris. Replace the trap and tighten hand tight.

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