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Thawing Sewer And Drain Lines

We live in Minnesota, so freezing sewer and drains is a genuine concern. A winter with cold temperatures and little snow cover can freeze many sewer and drain lines. Even in a typical Minnesota winter, freezing can occasionally be a problem. If your kitchen sink is on an outside wall, chances are it will freeze in frigid cold weather. If you have a manhole in the street directly in front of your home, your sewer line can freeze. If you have a septic system, you are at the highest risk of the sewer freezing up.

General Rooter can thaw these lines for you. We use special high-pressure hydro jetters at a very low flow rate to melt the ice and get your drains flowing again. The low flow rate helps thaw the ice but does not back up and flood your home. Usually, this is a two-person job. One Drain Technician will work at getting your drain flowing free again, while the other will ensure your home is not flooding by pumping the excess water to the outside of the house.

Once we have thawed the line, it is recommended that you run hot water three times a day to keep it from refreezing. Or have us install heat tape to prevent your pipe from freezing.

Septic System Heater

Our Drain Technicians can also install a septic heater. A septic heater is a safe and effective system for preventing your septic and drain lines from freezing in the future. Call us for more information about installing a septic heater.

Call General Rooter to thaw your frozen sewer and drain lines

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