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Sewer Line Video Inspection

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General Rooter is a sewer & drain company that conducts sewer inspections to determine what is causing a sewer line blockage and where it is located. 

We also use CCTV sewer inspections to inspect pipes before a problem is noticed. By using a sewer scope to view the entire drain line length from the house or business to the city's sanitary sewer connection, we can detect potential problems before they cause a disruption to your home life or business operations.

If you are experiencing

the only way to see and completely resolve the cause is with a video drain inspection.

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Inspecting Your Sewer and Drains

Sewer pipe inspection is conducted using a drain pipe camera, sometimes called a sewer camera, sewer scope, borescope, or CCTV camera.  These small, waterproof, high-resolution pipe inspection cameras are mounted on the tip of a flexible fiber optic cable, which is fed through the sewer lines.  Pipe inspection cameras are designed to go around even sharp bends in the sewer line, so they can see all the way to the city main line sewer connection. Our sewer line inspection cameras can reach 200 feet in each direction.

Using a monitor, our inspection technician can see and diagnose sewer line problems that may otherwise go undetected:

The entire pipe inspection is recorded and shared with the homeowners or business, along with recommendations for fixing any problems detected.

After the drain pipe is fixed, it’s a good idea to have a follow-up camera inspection to be sure the cause of the blockage in the sewer line has been removed, and any damage has been completely repaired.

Presale Inspections - Required by Cities or Buyers

It is becoming more common for cities to require home and business inspections at the time of sale. These Time of Sale Housing Inspections, Point of Sale Housing evaluations, or Property Maintenance Evaluations sometimes require a sewer line inspection.  And more and more buyers are asking for sewer inspections.  General Rooter works with cities, buyers, realtors, and inspectors to conduct the sewer line inspection and make the inspection video and report easily available to all concerned.

Inflow & Infiltration or I/I Inspections

Inspection showing tree root intrusion at 101 feetInspection showing tree root intrusion at 101 feet
If groundwater seeps through openings into a home's or business's sewer line, it unnecessarily strains the city's sanitary treatment facilities. To reduce this problem, inflow/infiltration or I&I inspections are sometimes required by cities before a property can be sold.

If a sewer line infiltration inspection finds any tree roots or cracks, the city may require that the problem area be replaced or relined. Before an inspection by a city employee or their partners, you should consider having General Rooter inspect to detect any problems and thoroughly clean the sewer pipe with our Hydro Jetter to remove tree roots before conducting another video inspection. We can then work within the city's guidelines to provide a copy of our inspection video and report.


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